Purposeful Withholding

There is one study I have seen used across the board in various settings and industries to describe the same basic objective: delayed gratification.  The “marshmallow test” was originally led by psychologist Walter Mischel.  If you do not know the basic experiment that was conducted, it goes as follows:  Walter would give a child two […]

Are you losing money in your savings account?!

When I ask people this question, I always get people looking at me with a crooked face. What do you mean? How could I be losing money in my SAVINGS account? But let me explain.  Something that people do not often think about is the cost every year of inflation on their money siting in […]

Tax Planning?

It’s that time of the year again!  Every year people all over the United States of America are planning.  Planning for the holidays, planning year end goals, and planning for taxes!  Ok.  The last one is obviously not what everyone is doing in November and December.   The fact that people are not tax planning […]