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We invest in single-family homes that meet the following criteria.  1)  Built in 1920 or newer.  2) Have at least 3 bedrooms.  3) Create a net cash flow ranging from $150 – $300.  4) Are located in Grant & Wabash Counties, Indiana. 5) After we buy and rehab, our all in price must be less than or equal to 80% of value. 

We will also invest in multifamily homes if an opportunity presents itself to us and after our in-depth analysis, we find it to be a great deal for an investor and ourselves.

It depends on the deal, but typically, 3% – 6% consistent (predictable) returns on your money


Check out our video on this HERE


It depends. The minimum investment will vary by deal and the capital required to purchase the asset. We strive to make investments available to everyone and as affordable as possible. That said, we are limited on the number of investors we can include. Typical investment amounts range from $30,000 to $100,000.

We do 10 year amortization schedules. Meaning you get paid principal and interest every month just like a bank. 

Our investors are anyone that meets the following criteria. 1) Looking for 3% – 6% consistent (predictable) returns on their money.  2) Values long term investing.  3) Has a minimum of $30,000 to invest.  4) Able to invest for 10 years per Investment.  5) Desire for alternative assets in their overall investment portfolio.       

We are not going to sit here and tell you that stocks are a terrible investment, because they have their place in the realm of wealth creation.  But, the stock market is a roller coaster ride that a lot of people just cannot handle, especially with every penny they have, nor is that smart.  “It is risky”, we have all heard and experienced. Your money in stocks is also not backed by any hard asset.  If the company, ETF, mutual fund, etc. stops performing, you lose money.  Period. Check out our video on this HERE. This is why we believe in predictable monthly cash flow backed by a hard asset in real estate as an additional avenue of wealth creation.       

This is a 10 year deal, and we hope that you’re going to be in with us for the whole 10 years to make the biggest return, but we know things happen. So you’re going to commit your money to us for at least a year. If after that year something happens and you need to cash out and get your money, here’s what happens: Our other investment partners have first right of refusal, meaning they have the first option to buy you out of the property. We will ask them if they want to do that. I’ve only had this happen once, and the other investors said, “Hell yes, we want the property”. If the other members don’t want them, then we will buy you out ourselves via a refinance through a bank or our own personal cash. With any of these options there would be a 5% transaction fee of the amount left on the mortgage and we would need a 6 month notice to get things in order. 

You can request your money back after 1 year.  We will then have 6 months to find another investor to essentially ‘buy’ you out of the investment.  You will be charged a 5% early withdrawal fee on the remaining balance owed to you at the time of your request.  

With any investment there is a certainty of risk.  With Realx Capital investing in real estate, the risk is extremely low.  If we were to default on your returns (which we never have), you would receive the property attached to your investment.  Your investment is backed by the property.   

Check with your 401K provider, if you’re able to move some of those funds to a Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA), Self-Directed 401K or eQRP, you’ll be able to use it. We’ve patnered with Advanta IRA to make it easier for you to set up an SDIRA, though you are absolutely free to choose your own provider. Please click HERE to visit their site and they can walk you through getting your SDIRA set up. We do not receive any compensation by referring you to Advanta IRA, we only recommend them due to the ease of setup and quality of service. We’ve vetted over 5 companies to arrive at Advanta IRA and want to ensure you have the easiest experience possible.

We know this might be a little morbid, but we want to make sure we are covering all our bases. In the case of a crazy freak incident that both of us die because we are hiking Mount Everest and didn’t realize how cold it would be, we got you covered. In the event that this happens, because of how we set up the loan from the beginning, you have a “lien” attached to the property that says you are owed ‘this much money’ and if you aren’t paid that money back, then you have the rights to the house. And because we buy at such a big discount, the amount of money you have in the deal, and what the house is worth, you’re going to come out with more money than what you have invested in.

When you invest with us, you’re not only lightening your own financial burdens and working toward your Real wealth freedom, you are providing safe, clean homes for people to live and take pride in. Indirectly, you also help others find Real wealth freedom as we continue to educate others on Real financial literacy, something not taught in schools today. Your capital will work for you in a time-tested investment vehicle while you are directly impacting the betterment of a community.

Just like a bank, you are not liable for anything since you will have “first mortgage” on the property. First mortgage is a primary lien on a property. As a primary loan that pays for the property, the loan has priority over all other liens or claims on a property in the event of default. Since Realx Capital will be on the deed, we will be completely liable for anything pertaining to the property.

As far as we know, YES! We love to reward our investors and we love to give back! Here is a sneak peek at some of the things on our loyalty program: Silver Level-Wall of Fame, Platinum Level-Access to yearly cruises with Realx team and other investors. Rhodium Level-Two week vacation to destination of your choice. Just to name a few perks 😉